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Our Services


Whatever your vision, our designers work closely with you to create it. Our design team work closely with our factory technicians, pooling knowledge and experience into a final design, confirming with you that you are completely satisfied before manufacturing begins.


You will never have to deal with external companies or associates when working with Oxan; development of each project is taken care of entirely by our manufacturing team within our own factories. We work tirelessly to source the exact materials that make each of our projects unique and particular to the client. We source globally, not restricting ourselves to any particular country.


We never underestimate the importance of careful, exact and punctual delivery of our final pieces. We value this last part of the process as just as an important component in our service as anything else. We use dedicated transport companies and installation is always in full.

Working alongside private clients, architects, designers and contractors, we produce completely original furniture and fittings for a huge range of commercial and residential environments.

Our services include:

  • Site surveying
  • Detailed production drawings
  • Design assistance
  • Bespoke production
  • Customised logistics and handling
  • Health and safety management
  • Full product sampling and testing
  • Full project management
  • Professional installation


Across many commercial development sites, we place an emphasis on distilling a sense of the site’s locality: through style, materials and craftsmanship. Most recently we have been privileged to work on Royal Wharf, moments away from Canary Wharf’s global business hub, bringing our finest expertise to the fore.


Total value 26 million


We are defined by our personalities; we consciously and unconsciously shape our tangible lives around them. We feel that your personality can shine to its fullest extent when it is given a podium; your podium being your home, your shelter from the unknown, but most importantly, unquestionably yours.


Value over 5.5 million


From chains to one-off hotels, we are experienced in working with talented architects to create fantastic hotels. Travel is common nowadays; an everyday product of our global culture, and it’s therefore more important than ever to contextualize hotel design. Understanding a city, the people and their culture are key to designing a hotel that resonates with guests and reflects a place’s personality.


Value over 3.3 million